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Erdling was founded in 2014 by Neill Freiwald and Niklas Kahl, former members of Stahlmann (German NDH/Industrial Metal project)

After Neil and Niklas left Stahlmann, they, along with guitarist Neno and bassist Marco, recorded their first single "Blitz und Donner" at Chris Harms' studio. Also in 2015, the band signed to Out of Line and went on tour with Unzucht and Megaherz.

In 2016, the debut album "Aus den Tiefen" was released, after which, in August of the same year, the band played at several big festivals, such as M'era Luna and Hildesheim.

In March 2017, the second "Supernova" album appeared, and in 2018, one of the founders, Niklas Kahl, left the band, and  moved to Lord of the Lost, where he plays to this day (the information is current for May 2022).

After a few more band-members-changes, the band announces their third album, "Dämon", due out in July 2018. But the fourth full-length album "Yggdrasil", released at the beginning of 2020, can be considered a kind of turning point in the history of Erdling. Neil himself said about the album that it would be different from its predecessors, faster, heavier, more metal-oriented and deeper. Guest appearances on the album include Chris Pohl (Blutengel) and Robert Dahn (Equilibrium, Minas Morgul). The pagan theme was continued by the band's fifth album "Helheim", released almost 2 years later, in December 2021.

2016 – Aus den Tiefen
2017 – Supernova
2018 – Dämon
2020 – Yggdrasil
2021 – Helheim

Update: 28.04.2022

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HELHEIM (2021)

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