Joachim Witt answers questions from Russian fans.

NDH FM together with our friends, the largest NDH/Industrial community in Russia, selected the 20 best questions from subscribers and asked them to Joachim Witt.

At one festival a banner was once held high that read: “Fick dich!”

1. Hi, Joachim, the first question is: who influenced your musical upbringing the most?

Joachim Witt: 60s and such artists as Roxy Music, David Bowie and Lou Reed.

2. It is known that in your youth you were a photographer, are you still fond of this?

Joachim Witt: Yes, this is my hobby. I love taking pictures very much.

3. Who was your teenage idol? Has it changed as you were growing up?

Joachim Witt: I had no more idols after the Beatles.

4. Do you remember your emotions from your first performance on stage?

Joachim Witt: I was so excited that it was very difficult for me to go on stage, but the desire to perform was even greater! It's good that there has become less excitement over the years, so now I can enjoy my live performances!

5. Were there any funny situations during your live performances that were remembered for a long time?

Joachim Witt: At one festival a banner was once held high that read: “Fick dich!” (“Fuck you!”)

6. Who is your favorite writer, favorite philosopher, favorite poet, or maybe some charismatic person you admire? (I am interested in the influences on your creative work)

Joachim Witt: Erich Fromm, psychoanalyst, social psychologist and philosopher. He put forward the ideas of humanistic, democratic socialism.

7. Your lyrics often reflect the darkest sides of our live. This is certainly a sober look at people, at our universe. What helps you to overcome all that happens around you every day?

Joachim Witt: It's not easy for me because I have to be constantly upset!

8. What topics will your next songs be about?

Joachim Witt: It will become completely clear when everything is completely ready. Most often these are socio-political topics or dramas in the area of human relations.

9. Can you name those songs that you like the most and those ones that you don't like at all?

Joachim Witt: There are many songs that I like, but my absolute favorite is “HEROES” by David Bowie! There are, of course, many songs that I don't like. The worst song, I think, is “Life is Life” by OPUS!! Sorry, guys!

10. At one time, you recommended to check out a wonderful musical project Leichtmatrose. Can you recommend any other music project now?

Joachim Witt: Yes, LP (Laura Pergolizzi), American female artist.

11. Which of the contemporary artists would you single out on the German stage?

Joachim Witt: Paul Kalkbrenner and Philipp Poisel.

12. Which bands in the style of NDH/Industrial Metal do you like?

Joachim Witt: Fields Of The Nephilim.

13. You have already recorded the second studio album together with Chris Harms (LORD OF THE LOST / DIE KREATUR). Will continue working with such grandiose master?

Joachim Witt: Definitely! Our next album will be called ”RÜBEZAHLS REISE”.

14. Are you good friends with Peter Heppner (ex-WOLFSHEIM)? Your duets are great and probably the best ones on the German stage! Is it time to record a collaborative album?

Joachim Witt: Recording an album is a good idea, but it would be difficult because we still differ musically. We have a strong friendship, though we rarely see each other. He is very lonely like me.

I really enjoy being in the studio and making new music

15. Dear Joachim, you have a velvety, signature and very recognizable voice. You are known to have had a huge influence on contemporary German music. Tell me, with whom would you like to have a collaborative project besides Chris Harms and Peter Heppner?

Joachim Witt: At the moment, no one really comes to my mind! Perhaps with some wonderful Russian female artist. Suggest someone.

16. The video for the song “Geist an das Licht” is associated with the famous performance of 1974 called “Rhythm 0” by Marina Abramovic. Were you really inspired by her work when creating this video?

Joachim Witt: No, but I need to think about it. Thanks for the tip!

17. Are you familiar with Russian music? If so, are there any artists that stand out to you in particular?

Joachim Witt: Unfortunately, I am not familiar with your local scene, but once I had an idea to organize a joint festival, because I consider friendship with Russia to be extremely important!

18. Would you like to come to Russia with a concert? And have you been to Russia as a tourist?

Joachim Witt: Yes, I would like to have a live performance in Russia. The question is that I'm hardly known enough among Russian people, so I don't know if it makes sense… I think I would like St. Petersburg. But I haven't been there yet. Moscow is also interesting to me. Actually, I do not travel often, but it would be great to perform in St. Petersburg! And then to stay in this city for another 2-3 days is a wonderful idea!

19. Due to the lockdown, music industry around the world is going through hard times. Tell me, what was the hardest thing for you at that time? And vice versa, maybe you have found something positive in these restrictions for yourself? How do you spend your time?

Joachim Witt: I compose a lot. The tour has been cancelled, but now I hope it will take place in 2022. Touring is not everything for me, I really enjoy being in the studio and making new music or creating new projects like Violet Heaven; this is the music for relaxation and inner peace.

20. Do you believe in the resumption of normal life after the pandemic?

Joachim Witt: Yes, why not, there will always be great moments and, of course, there will be problems that will need to be solved later. That is life! First of all, I hope for friendship with Russia and I hope that the political situation between our two countries will finally change. I think it is absolutely wrong. Cooperation is what we should do first! There is no other right way!

Thank you, Joachim, for answering the questions from your Russian-speaking fans! We wish you good health, success and all the best!

Joachim Witt: See you soon! Greetings from Joachim Witt!

Date: June 18, 2021


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