Tim Nightpain: Without Rammstein there would have never been Nebelhaus.

SERJ (NDH FM): Hi Tim! First of all, can you tell me a little about you? I know that you are the man behind Nebelhaus, but how you came to the idea of this project and what did you do before Nebelhaus?

Tim Nightpain: Hi SERJ! First of all I am one of the 2 men behind Nebelhaus. Me and Kammerjaeger (KJ). No KJ, no Nebelhaus. No me, no Nebelhaus. Just to be clear about that.

SERJ (NDH FM): How long have you been looking for vocalist and why you choose Kammerjaeger or how you met each other?

Kammerjaeger (KJ)

Tim Nightpain: Oddly I didn’t even look for a vocalist. At least not that aggresively. I don’t wanna force things. It is like a fart, if you force it to much, it becomes shit. I wrote to a few known singers that are already in German NDH bands but either they were busy with their own projects or didn’t reply at all. Best regards to Boris of the band Der Bote. He was so kind and replied. Nice guy and great band! The other ones I don’t want to mention.

But now to how I met KJ. I remember that he commented on YouTube to the instrumental of "Sonntag bei Omi" and asked, if he could sing to it, something original. Not knowing him, I thought that was another R+ fanboy with 0 skills and phone recorded vocals. But when I heard him on the videos on his channel, mainly Rammstein and Lindemann Covers, I was  stunned! The best things come along without any effort at all. I mean we fit so perfect to each other, we are both from Germany, are almost the same age, have both the musical talent that the other is lacking and are able to complete each other. That’s like winning the lottery. For me at least. So he sent me his recording and I was of course convinced. And that’s how all of this started… In April, when he sent me the first demo.

SERJ (NDH FM): It’s impossible not to mention Rammstein, while speaking about Nebelhaus. Can you remember when have you heard Rammstein for the first time and maybe which song was it?

Tim Nightpain: That is and ever will be a fact. Without Rammstein there would have never been Nebelhaus. First of all I was sick of all the 100 "Ich Will" guitar covers and thousands of Top 10 Rammstein Riffs. I wanted to create something original in the Rammstein universe, based on the lore. And there were a lot of unreleased song. So I did my research (shoutout to Rammwiki, great guys!) and wrote the first Instrumentals based on album-periods, unreleased songs and later poems of Till Lindemann.

But now to your question :D It was "Sonne", on television. On MTV I guess, I watched it before going to school. And just everything was fantastic. The music, the video, this got me hooked. And inspired me a lot.

SERJ (NDH FM): Could you tell why do you liked it and what other bands can you name as a source of inspiration?

Tim Nightpain: Rammstein was the first German band that I was really into. That time I was listening to Korn, Papa Roach, Linkin Park and later on I was looking for more extreme stuff, musically and visually, so it went over Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth through Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth to Archspire. So it is a pretty wide range, but all within the Metal genre, as you will.

Tim Nightpain: We had no idea, since this was our first proper production.

SERJ (NDH FM): I want to speak more about your first official single “Lovedoll”. As we know, two previous demo-singles "Aderlass" and "Sonntag bei Omi" were based on Till Lindemann poems from “Messer” and the instrumental of “Lovedoll” was known as “Venus” when it first appears on your youtube-channel. So the question is why it’s not another Lindemann poem in this song and who wrote the lyrics for this one? And why is it in ENG? Should we wait for more english lyrics in Nebelhaus?

Tim Nightpain: KJ told me that he has something that fits the song perfectly, something he wrote 6 years ago or something like that. And this happened to be in ENG. And since "Venus" was supposed to be a unreleased Lindemann track, especially for the "Skills in Pills" Era and had "Fish on" as inspiration, it was just made for it. We didn’t try it with German lyrics because the ENG one just gave that SIP Lindemann Era feeling that we wanted to create.

I don’t know if there will be any more songs in ENG, since KJ is mainly responsible for the lyrics. I also wrote some poems and lyrics in Lindemanns style but we will see if and how KJ is using them or what else he is coming up with. He has free creativity. Also with picking the next song, whatever he has an Idea, he is sending it to me and then we are finalizing the demo.

SERJ (NDH FM): I know the answer on following question, but there are many questions from audience, why instrumental part of “Lovedoll” is so similar too “Fish On” from “Skills in Pills” album by Lindemann?

Tim Nightpain: The song structure is basically the same. The intro, the stop and go style of verse and a catchy chorus. But other than that it is different. That was our fear, that people would say it is just a copy. But we still received a lot of positive feedback. It should be more seen as a sequel. Instead of catching real ladies, what about a lovedoll in the basement? :D

SERJ (NDH FM): One more question about “Lovedoll”. I have to mention that the song has a great production, that we could’t expect from such a young project. I know that mixing was done by Benjamin Schwenen and mastering by Svante Forsbäck. They are great producers who work with a bunch of big artists. What’s you impression about them and about the final result of their work?

Tim Nightpain: We had no idea, since this was our first proper production. KJ and I have just a hobby like setup and equipment and we wanted to see how much quality we can squeeze out of it. Also to plan upcoming productions or get a feeling for what we should be more focused on production wise. But for the first, blind eyed production it came out very great. Mixing was with almost no details given and only one revision, mastering without any revision and everything online. Like a remote production.  So it came out pretty great! And very nice and easy to work with both of them.

Tim Nightpain: I dind’t even meet KJ in person.

SERJ (NDH FM): And now let’s talk about visual aspect of your art. I really like the cover artwork of your singles, also there are pretty nice lyric-videos on Nebelhaus youtube channel. Who does all the work with that kind of stuff?

Tim Nightpain: While writing the instrumentals I always try to deliver an emotion. And I have visuals in my head that I try to express with the music. KJ adds more to it with the vocals and the lyrics. So it is only reasonable to have very expressive visuals as well. I am in charge of that. And I want to express certain feelings, so when I am doing all this stuff, it is the best way to add a 3rd perspective to the song. Next to the music and the lyrics. For "Aderlass" and "Sonntag bei Omi" I lent the artwork from artists but since then I am doing everything myself. First of all I have enough time for that and it is easier for me and saves a lot of money that we can spent on production or didn’t even had in the first place for ordering a video or artwork.

SERJ (NDH FM): Back to music. Obviously Nebelhaus is some kind of Rammfan project, but where do you see it in 5 years from now? What are your goals with Nebelhaus?

Tim Nightpain: Since I had some trouble with the management of Rammstein there will nowhere be a Rammstein Fan Instrumental or anything like that. We already planned to recreate the Knaack-Performance of "Mutter" with all the beta versions of the songs, but this won’t be possible anymore. So we take the instrumentals that I made and release it as Nebelhaus. We have 17 in total, there are still enough left. Only time will tell, since Nebelhaus was never a planned project. I don’t know, to be honest.

SERJ (NDH FM): I know that you like experiments and too try something new. Tell us more about projects beside Nebelhaus, what are the differences, who works with you and in which genres do you want to try yourself?

Tim Nightpain: I am writing for another NDH/EBM band and started another project that is called Nachtmann. Singer is Walter Kuhlmann form the band KUHLMANN. And in this project I can do all the songs that won’t fit with Nebelhaus. But we will have a feature of both. Nebelhaus x Nachtmann. The song fit to both bands so we combined it for that song. And we have some more surprises, if everything is going as planned. Nachtmann is like if Eisbrecher took a little kokain, had an affair with Unheilig while listening to Rammstein and the Uncle has a CD of Santiano. I don’t even understand what I wrote here myself :D

SERJ (NDH FM): If you would be able to choose literally anyone to make a collaboration with, who would it be? Name your top 3.

Tim Nightpain:

  1. Till Lindemann (of course)
  2. Stumpen (Knorkator)
  3. Farin Urlaub (Die Ärzte)

SERJ (NDH FM): I know that it’s not the best time right now, but have you planned any live shows with Nebelhaus in future or is it just a studio project?

Tim Nightpain: For now it is a pure studio project. No live shows are planned. But with the corona situation it may be better like that. Saves us a lot of re-planning, booking and all of that. But like I said, who knows what the future  brings.

SERJ (NDH FM): Are you still looking for a label or have you already found something?

Tim Nightpain: We are still looking for a label since we can’t finance a full length production with those high quality standards ourselves. If we don’t find a label we will calculate the price and maybe start crowdfunding.

SERJ (NDH FM): Today it’s not necessary to record a full-length album, because you can just release singles for streaming platforms, but have you planned to release LP as a real physical CD?

Tim Nightpain: Totally! I just love physical copies, especially when they’re limited. All the artwork, the thought and meaning behind that… And I guess there are a lot of people out there that think the same.

SERJ (NDH FM): It seems to me, that Nebelhaus doesn’t really care about advertising. You are very professional in music production and visualization, but why are you not trying to spread your art to wider circle of audience?

Tim Nightpain: We just want organic fans. Of course, putting ads is legit but we don’t have the portfolio of music and videos for an ad campaign. We don’t even have a band photo. I dind’t even meet KJ in person. As long as people stumble over our youtube stuff and like it they will spread the word. It just takes some time, but what doesn’t? When whe have a label or someone to finance it then it will be worth thinking about it.

SERJ (NDH FM): Thank you for all the answers. Wish you a good luck and looking forward to hear more stuff! It’s not the question, so you can say whatever you want.

Tim Nightpain: Thanks man! It was a pleasure to think about all this and I hope my answers are somehow readable and make some sense here and there :D

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Date: September 02, 2021

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