Carlos F. Robles from Bloody Kitchen about the idea of the project, his development as a musician, the new line-up of the band, plans, creative ambitions and much more.

23 years ago I discovered Rammstein and they changed my mind.

SERJ (NDH FM): Hi Carlos! I'm glad that our interview will finally take place. Thanks for agreeing and let's get started.

Carlos F. Robles: Hi Serj, it´s a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to talk with you.

SERJ (NDH FM): The debut album by Bloody Kitchen didn't stay unnoticed and was quite warmly received by NDH/Industrial Metal fans. But this is not your first project, isn't it? Could you tell us about your musical background?

Carlos F. Robles: I started to play the piano when I was 5 and my first band was a classical Heavy Metal band with strong influences of 80´s rock music when I was 15. Not my style… but I discovered what means to join a band and I learnt and enjoyed a lot. After that I tried other styles (Grunge, Nu Metal,…) and I started to use computers and software to make music.
With 20 yo I founded my first own project (always as producer and with keyboardist rol in the band): Demencial Phillips. We were only 3, keys, guitar and voice and I started to experience with rock and techno. We didn´t reach to release an album but we had some great impact. It was very funny, but the style was not enough for me and I needed more.
I joined too my guitarist´s own band, Ratio, as they were left without a keyboardist. Ratio sounded great, with a hard techno base and powerful guitar riffs. Ratio were pioneers in Spain making that kind of music close to bands like NIN or Marilyn Manson. With Ratio I lived great moments, we made a little tour by Central America, we made amazing shows with great bands.

SERJ (NDH FM):As far as I know, Industrial Metal is not the most popular genre in Spain, moreover, projects in Spanish are rare. I only remember your compatriots Blood and Hasswut, but Hasswut are mostly perform in German. How did you come to this genre and why did you decide to sing in Spanish? And since we are talking about the language, why is the name of the project still in ENG?

Carlos F. Robles: The fact here is that one day, 23 years ago, I discovered Rammstein and they changed my mind. I fell in love with that style, with the look, with the music and lyrics… And I investigated about more German bands and then I discovered Oomph!, Eisbrecher and Unheilig. They were only the beginning. But I don´t speak german (Someday I will!) and I don´t like to sing in ENG because I found it soft. 

Carlos F. Robles (Bloody Kitchen)

Spanish is my mother tongue and I´m able to express myself better than in other language, but I think that it sounds at least as loud as German do, so I think that it´s perfect to transmitting the strength of NDH. So this is my first band as frontman, but as I have a deep voice it was not a problem for me because I had been singing Rammstein songs in private for many years and I was used to.
The name of Bloody Kitchen is in ENG because we think that sounds great. Band names in Spanish are used for styles like pop or Spanish punk, but it´s normal to find Spanish metal bands with names in ENG. One of the most relevant bands are Sober, they sing only in Spanish and they are worthwhile.
And let´s be honest: “Cocina sangrienta” ("Bloody Kitchen" in Spanish) not sounds too well. Hahaha

SERJ (NDH FM):Tell us who else is working on the sound of Bloody Kitchen? How did you find the musicians and do you plan to play live?

Carlos F. Robles: I must admit that I worked alone in the sound of the first album. I composed and recorded the entire album in lockdown, but with the new album it will change and I hope that everyone in the band will bring their own point of view without losing the BK style. David (drummer) and I were flat partners four years ago, this is how we met. I found the rest of the band with ads through social media, and after a curious casting I met Albert, Jano and Fede.
We are very excited and working hard with the rehearsals because we are going to make our debut on stage together with Hasswut the next 1st of October. Be sure to come and see us if you come to Madrid! Hahaha

It will be great if someday we could have the opportunity to join festivals like Mera Luna or visit Russia.

SERJ (NDH FM):Tell us more about the new band members. Where have they played before Bloody Kitchen and would they take part in recording sessions or only in live performances?

Carlos F. Robles: David and I are really happy and excited with the new members. They have embraced the band and taken it as their own from the very first moment, they are great musicians, have blended in and are already the DNA of Bloody Kitchen. All Bloody Kitchen members has joined at some point bands with different styles, from Pop-Rock to Metal or Industrial. I find that versatility an advantage that keeps creativity awake, althrough  It´s difficult to compose all together and try to maintain the band's style, so I prefer to compose alone and then share the demos asking the rest of the band to improve the songs, but I´m sure that for the next album all the members are going to record their instruments. It´ll sound great!

SERJ (NDH FM): How do you assess the debut of Bloody Kitchen? Did everything turn out the way you wanted?

Carlos F. Robles: The debut was hard and not as well as I would have liked. With the lockdown and the restrictions it was impossible to play live, we suffered to find the adequate members and it´s not easy to start from zero with that scenario. I even broke my hand in an accident  two months before the photo shoots with the amazing Javier Bragado and I was afraid to have to take the pictures with a plaster cast on. But on the other hand, we had the support of a lot of people in the social media and new friends like you. We are very grateful for the support and treatment received at NDH FM Online, so the balance is very good taking in account all what happend.

SERJ (NDH FM): What about new material? Maybe you are already working on something? And if so, how will the new material differ from the familiar Bloody Kitchen?

Carlos F. Robles: As we are focused on the rehearsals, the new album is simmering in our kitchen (hahaha), but I´m sure that we will launch it in 2023. By now we are making plans for new music videos and of course the live shows, but I´m always composing and now I think that we have by the moment 5 new great songs that will take to the band to a new level, but without losing our essence. Just a evolution, and I only can say that I´m vey excited with the new songs, I´m sure that our fans will enjoy a lot.

SERJ (NDH FM): How do you see the development of the project in the future?

Carlos F. Robles: As we say in Spain: “to dream is free”, so I would like that Bloody Kitchen will have the opportunity to join a great label and some music festivals, have a lot of live shows with great bands and enjoy a lot. It will be great if someday we could have the opportunity to join festivals like “Mera Luna” or visit Russia. Who knows!!? That’s why we make music: to enjoy it. I suppose that it works the same in the rest or the world, but at least here in Spain it´s difficult (it´s a chimera) to pretend to live from music. But it would be a dream share stage with bands like Erdling, Oomph!, Eisbrecher… because Rammstein is so far away in another galaxy, hahaha.

The spirit of Bloody Kitchen is to sing in Spanish

SERJ (NDH FM): By the way, about the new material. I really liked the single from your electronic side project FOAK. But apart from one single, nothing happened. Do you plan to continue experiments in this direction?

Carlos F. Robles: Absolutely yes!! But I must find the time for it. In fact, that single is the result of one the worst moments in my personal life (it´s happily fixed now!) and I want to continue to explore that style. And now I´m sure that I will have the help from Albert, that is a great composer and singer too as well as guitarist.

SERJ (NDH FM):You write lyrics only in Spanish. Do you have any ideas of performing in other languages?

Carlos F. Robles: As I said before, I feel comfortable writing in Spanish because is my mother tongue, but maybe someday Bloody Kitchen would have a song in German. Who knows? By now and for the next album (this is an exclusive), we have a song witch the chorus is a Japanese word and I have the idea to introduce one or two words in German in other song, but the spirit of Bloody Kitchen is to sing in Spanish. It makes us different and rare, we love it!

SERJ (NDH FM): What topics inspire you to write lyrics? What are Bloody Kitchen singing about?

Carlos F. Robles: That´s a great question. I love to write (I have a published novel) and almost all my lyrics are fiction stories. Maybe it´s rare because singers and composers use to look for personal experiences to obtain great lyrics, but I prefer to speak about fiction and rely on my creativity. By now, there´s only one song that is based on true events, but I won't tell you which one it is to keep it a mystery.

Now the musicians like me have to learn to be music producers, promoters, managers, designers, directors, producers, photographers, cameramans, marketing directors, community managers, drivers, chefs and whetever it takes.

SERJ (NDH FM):Tell us what influenced you as a musician and what are you listening to nowadays?

Carlos F. Robles: Wow… As a child, I used to listen to some pop Spanish bands like Mecano because it was what my parents used to listen to, after that I had my Elton John and David Bowie phase, as a teenager I started to listen to Smashing Pumpkins (they changed the way I play the piano), Offspring, Green Day… and now I have very different music tastes: from Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Lord of the Lost and things like that to bands like Slipknot, System of a Down, Combichist (I really love them), Celldweller, RATM, Massive Attack (yes, they are really cool) and a norwegian singer called Susanne Sundfor (I love her voice too).
All of them has a little space inside the music I do.

SERJ (NDH FM):How is the creative process built inside the band? What comes first, the musical theme or the idea for the lyrics?

Carlos F. Robles: It´s strange, but as keyboardist It´s supposed that the piano and synthesizers are the main tool for compose, but I prefer to start with the guitar and the bass, then the drums and the lyrics. In last place, I incorporate the synths, choirs, strings,… The idea for the lyrics usually comes during the music composition process. If you ask for it, It takes me a day or two in compose one song, but a week to reach the sound and result that I´m looking for.

SERJ (NDH FM): What do you do besides music? Or is it all about it?

Carlos F. Robles: I wish it were so, but as I said before all of us in the band have our jobs. In my case, I was TV broadcasting producer, but in the last years I have recycled and now I work as a marketing executive in the ecommerce department in a multinational corporation.

SERJ (NDH FM): Can you remember the most vivid impression in your musical career?

Carlos F. Robles: There are too many great moments, shows in TV, the America´s tour… but I would choose when with my old project Demencial Phillips we won the first Korg Creative Contest. It was completely unexpected and magical.

SERJ (NDH FM): Are there any plans to visualize the art of Bloody Kitchen? Lyric video or, actually, music videos?

Carlos F. Robles: In fact, we have already one music video and two lyrics videos for “Intoxicado mental”, “Asco” and “Muerto de corazón” respectively, but we are thinking in new music videos for the current songs with the actual members and of course the new songs. You can find all of them in our YouTube Channel (just type Bloody Kitchen in the youtube browser or introduce the url

SERJ (NDH FM): How difficult is it in the modern world to promote your music? And does it bring in enough money to cover the cost of the project?

Carlos F. Robles: Do you know something? In the past, musicians used to live the “sex, drugs and rock´n´roll” doctrine and nothing more, isn´t? Now the musicians like me have to learn to be music producers, promoters, managers, designers, directors, producers, photographers, cameramans, marketing directors, community managers, drivers, chefs and whetever it takes, hahaha. Everybody knows that actually we have a lot of tools to reach to the audiences and new listeners, but when this work has to be done by yourself it could become stressful and hard. And to be visible in social media requires big amounts of money that bands use to don´t have. We are not an exception in that case, so we will be happy to be able to maintain the band without debts and have the enough money to move around our the country for play.

SERJ (NDH FM): Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions, and if you want to say something to our readers, now is the best time.

Carlos F. Robles: First of all I want to thank you the space and opportunity for that interview that I have enjoyed a lot. I´m delighted and it´s an honour to join your interview collection. In the name of the band members, I want to thank our fans and everyone who has discovered in your radio and enjoyed our music even it´s in Spanish. Don´t doubt to follow us in Instagram where we use to post interesting updates about Bloody Kitchen (and sometimes funny stuff, hahaha). More than ever we must support music bands and live music, so take care of yourselves and don´t stop going to concerts and keep listening to Bloody Kitchen in NDH FM Online.

Date: June, 2022

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