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The German Gothic/Dark Metal project Schwarzer Engel was founded in Stuttgart in 2007 by Dave Jason (guitar/vocals). Over the years, the live line-up of the band included such musicians as Linda Radwanski (ex-Ihresgleichen), Ben Hell (Mindead), Carlo Schmidt, Jens Lindmaier (Scratched Surface), Stefan Griesshammer (Temple of your Soul), Marcel Woitowicz (ex- Darkness Ablaze). According to the latest live performances, Dave is supported by Bert Oeler (Subterfuge Carver), Tino Calmbach (Bloodflowerz), Vincent Huebsch, Timo Joos (Phallax).

In 2010, Schwarzer Engel signed a contract with one of the iconic German gothic labels Trisol, on which the debut album “Apokalypse" was released in the same year. The band goes on tour trhrough Germany, Austria and Netherlands with AHAB and The Vision Bleak.

Exactly one year later, almost at the same day, the second album “Träume Einer Nacht" was released, on which Alexander Kaschte (Samsas Traum) participated as a guest vocalist in one of the tracks. During this period, Schwarzer Engel firmly established themselves on the German dark scene, playing at such festivals as WGT, Hexentanz, Castle Storm and others.

The third full-length release “In brennenden Himmeln" was released on another, but no less cult metal-label, Massacre Records, with which Schwarzer Engel work to this day.

The further history of the project includes the release of albums, minions, singles, performances at festivals and solo tours. But the band's first release to hit the German Official Charts was “Sieben", the seventh album, which was released in early 2022.

In an early interview, Dave mentioned Rammstein, Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth as one of his main influences.

2010 – Apokalypse
2011 –  Träume Einer Nacht
2013 – In brennenden Himmeln
2014 – Imperium I
2016 – Imperium II
2018 – Kult der Krähe
2022 – Sieben

2010 – Geister und Dämonen
2013 – Schwarze Sonne
2016 – Götterfunken
2017 – Sinnflut
2020 – Kreuziget mich

Update: 17.04.2022

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SIEBEN (2022)

Currently, we have no future events.