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The second full-length album of a young Mexican band called Eggvn has relatively recently been released and could go unnoticed by the fans of the style of Dark electro/Industrial due to the little popularity of this duet within topic circles. But things can be fixed because Eggvn have everything to become a really prominent band on the Dark Scene and not someday but right now.

It seems that me myself got to know the band in 2019 when I listened to their debut album called "Solve Et Coagula". At that time the record produced a positive impression on me but didn`t stay in my playlist for long. The material written for "Solve et Coagula" album was a rather powerful combination of Dark Electro and Industrial Rock, distorted up the wazoo. Besides that, it seemed to me that the record lacked some bright moments, catchy bangers and changes in rhythmic patterns. Nevertheless, this debut album was undoubtedly a solid one and defined the sound concept of the band. And now, a few years later, the second album of the band called "La Era de la Bestia" that will be discussed below, was released.

The thing that immediately attracts attention in "La Era de la Bestia" is that this album tends to exploit Industrial Rock/Metal elements less than its predecessor and gravitates more towards the sound of Dark Electro of the mid 2000`s. No, the “dirty” guitar sound is still an integral part of each track (we remember: in case of Eggvn there is no too much distortion) but this time it is more deeply integrated in the mix and as a rule it doesn`t grab the biggest piece of the pie.

In their press-release the band (or their copywriter) compares their sound with Combichrist, Front Line Assembly and Hocico. But I consider this to be nothing more but a PR stunt. If we don`t go by the famous names, but really draw parallels, then the sound of Eggvn immediately evoked associations with X-Fusion, Obszön Geschöpf and Punto Omega. You must admit that for a press release these names are not so famous. But, as usual, it`s better just to listen the release other than draw the endless parallels and compare one thing to another. And here, if you are into Dark Electro and if from time to time you are caught up by nostalgia about the golden age of the genre, then I will be very surprised if you do not start banging your head in time to the very first beats of the title track of "La Era de la Bestia". By the way, I consider this very track and the one called "Ave Satanas" to be the main bangers of the album that the band`s debut record was lacking.

By the way, here we can define the lyrical theme of the album. Usually there is no point in going deep into the lyrics of the songs in case of the style of Dark Electro but you may definitely get the right understanding of what the songs are about judging by their titles alone: "La Era de la Bestia", "Legion", "Agnus Dei", "Soul Reaper", etc. In general, they are all about Satanism/occultism and other joys of a heretic. The guys` stage image that is quite similar to the one of the band called The Devil & The Universe deserves special attention but the members of that band perform in long robes and goat masks, and the members of Eggvn perform in the military style wearing ram masks on top of their heads.

But let`s get back to the music. While marking the flaws of the band`s debut record, I noticed the lack of diversity in rhythmic patterns. "La Era de la Bestia" also suffers from that to some extent but, firstly, much less due to the generally richer sound, and secondly, right at the moment when you start to get sick of the straight kick-drum pattern in every track, the record gives you a break in the form of an actual drum’n’bass track called "N.B.O" after which a comeback to the habitual rhythmic patterns by Eggvn doesn`t make you feel sick of them. I would put it one track closer to the start of the album, really, because the track called "Cross" simply gets lost after the powerful "Ave Satanas" and if there was a kind of a bridge in the form of "N.B.O" or any track like that the track might become a catchy part of the record but these are yet deep nuances. After all, nowadays very few people listen to the entire albums, and one can create a playlist for oneself according to his religious beliefs.

I forgot to mention: there is a reversed hidden track in the last track, "Soul Reaper". You know, I reversed him backwards in Adobe Audition... What can I say, I couldn`t summon Lucifer with this way ... But you can try to do that: you never know!)

Making a conclusion, I want to say that, on one hand, Eggvn certainly didn`t put a new spin to the genre but, on the other hand, they skillfully merged and played with their evidently favorite elements of the music style that is not the most popular one today. Besides that, the band has made an evident progress if compared to their debut album (that was already good), took into the account all the flaws and made a top-level release that simply must be supported by all the fans of Dark Electro. At the moment I think that "La Era de la Bestia" is the best Dark Electro release of the year.

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