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Guys from Hämatom are on fire this year. As we remember, in April the band delighted the audience with a fun experimental release called “Berlin”, in which they appeared in an unusual role for themselves. In my opinion, “Berlin” came out as an excellent record, although not all of the band's fans were happy with the acoustic guitars, trombones and the absence of overdriven guitars on it. Anyway, with the album called “Die Liebe ist tot” the guys got back on track. But, what especially nice is the fact that there was the place for the experiments by Hämatom left on this release as well. In this regard, first of all, I would like to note the following tracks: “Ich hasse euch alle” and “Zahltag”.

In the song called “Ich hasse euch alle” the band gave out a hot mix of beatdown hardcore and groove metal, with a hysterical refrain screaming: “I hate you all!”. Yes, the message is not new - Hämatom don't sing about daisies and dandelions, but the arrangement is, indeed, interesting for the band. But in terms of the unexpectedness of the sound, even “Zahltag” gives it 10 points of head start. This is one of the shortest, but at the same time, definitely the most unusual and therefore memorable tracks on “Die Liebe ist tot”. “Zahltag” is a hardcore track with a trap beat, a children's choir in the chorus, Nord's aggressive rap flow and distorted guitars. Interesting? It is not the word! This is a very successful combination of styles and a 100% successful experiment! Moreover, “Zahltag” is not the only track on the album where Hämatom flirts with rap. There is also “Ficken unseren Kopf”, in which a rap duo from Essen which is called 257ers is featured as invited guests. These guys, by the way, have somehow got into the alternative rock crowd lately. Not so long ago, their version of the hit called “Hypa Hypa” could be heard on a reissue of a self-titled EP by Eskimo Callboy. But, coming back to “Ficken unseren Kopf”, it is worth saying that it is still much closer to the usual Hämatom style than “Zahltag”, what does not prevent it from being one of the album's most hit songs (it was not for nothing that it was chosen as a single).

Although this is not an indicator at all as the band released almost half of the album as singles. It's good that I didn't listen to all of the singles, so as not to blur the impression of the record. But one of the singles that I still listened to before the release of “Die Liebe ist tot” and that made me hooked was “Ihr wisst gar nichts über mich”. Besides the fact that this is just a cool driving song, with a catchy, melodic chorus and a powerful riff in the bridge section of the track, it also has close and understandable lyrics, the main idea of ​​which is perfectly revealed by the chorus: “You don’t know anything about me//About my dreams, fears and the shit that surrounds me//You don't know anything about me//So could you, please, just shut your mouth.” In general, Nord and the company have a way with words (you don't have to go far for examples). We have already spoken about “Ficken unseren Kopf”, but “Liebe auf den ersten Fick” have not yet been mentioned. Potentially this might be a very cool live track (I'm more than sure of that). This is the most danceable track on the record, and even with a slight touch of 80s hard/glam rock. Just because of this slightly vintage arrangement and lightness of the mood I would also single out this track as one of the best on the album.

I also want to note the anthem-like opening track which is called “Dagegen”, on which Hämatom make it clear that they have not forgotten their groove metal roots yet, although they seasoned the groove-metal grinder of verses with a Deutsch-rock melody in the chorus. Speaking of Deutsch rock. There is an impression that a special place has been assigned to it on “Die Liebe ist tot”, namely the whole ending of the album. Of course, the elements of this style are found in almost every track, but the track called “So wie wir, Ich will erst schlafen wenn ich tot bin" и "Zeit zu gehen”, in fact, doesn't not have any other elements - this is the purest Deutsch punk/Deutsch rock, of very high quality, by the way. The same “So wie wir” evoked associations with Dritte Wahl, which I think is a great association in the context of the deutsch-rock scene. The track called “Ich will erst schlafen wenn ich tot bin” and “Zeit zu gehen”  I think are less interesting, but this is a pure taste thing, because objectively they differ little from the same “So wie wir”. Lyrically, this whole “Deutsch rock block” is also quite trivial for the genre, so I see no point in dwelling on this.

In the same context, it is worth recalling the last track of the album that remains unreviewed - “Jeden gegen jeder”. In fact, this is the title track of the record, because the phrase “Die Liebe ist tot” is taken from it. Unfortunately, this Deutsch-punk smash hit song doesn't stand out with anything special. On this, perhaps, it's time to make a conclusion.

At first I wanted to complain that again we have a half-hour full-length album. It's like that soon the EP will be called albums, but then I remembered that Hämatom have already released their second album in one year, and this, in my eyes and ears, fully justifies the length of the album. In general, such fertility usually worries me. It often indicates that the quality of the material may suffer for the sake of quantity. But Hämatom did not lose face, releasing two completely different, but cool albums in their own way. “Berlin” turned out to be more interesting for me, and I will give it 8/10. “Die Liebe ist tot” is a solid, driving release, which, for sure, will dwell in my playlist for some time, but it is interesting only because of individual experiments with sound and composition. So I give him a solid 7 out of 10 for its catchiness, mood, quality and groooove.

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