King Satan - Occult Spiritual Anarchy

King Satan
Reviewer Score: 8 out of 10

If listening to this album doesn't summon Satan with a disco ball, I don't know what will...

The band with such a thoughtful name and concept was founded in 2015 in Finland by a multi-instrumentalist under the pseudonym King Aleister Satan. Gradually, the project acquired new members, and today we have a complete lineup. I don't know how the rest of the band members influence the formation of the project's sound and its compositional aspect but King Satan's progress is obvious from album to album. If the first album was literally a child`s Techno-Industrial hack, then the new, the third one in a row, full-length album called “Occult Spiritual Anarchy” sounds much more profound, better, more interesting, more original (insert any comparative adjective). In general, techno rhythmic patterns are typical for the Finnish school of Industrial Metal and King Satan do not lag behind their colleagues in this respect, but at the same time they add more extreme metal to their sound mix, including almost Black Metal elements. Although what kind of Satanism is it without a good old Black Metal? Just look at the titles of the songs on the new album: “The Faces of the Devil”, “The Pagan Satan”, “Human Sacrifice”, “The Devil's Opera”, etc. I think it's clear what kind of mood this record has. Of course, the band's “Satanism” is a kind of a dancing-grotesque one. This all is something rather amusing and touching than something that causes biblical awe, much like Belzebubs comics. At the same time, the song material is incredibly driving, high-quality and original. I listened to the earlier works by King Satan, but I did not expect to hear such a cool stuff.

From the very first track – “Left Hand Path Symphony” – the album simply blows you away with its drive and makes you make sacrifices to the Antichrist... oh, that is, nodding to the frantic rhythm. “Faces of the Devil” continues leading you to the other side of the Styx in some kind of infernal techno-frenzy. The next track that is called “The Pagan Satan”, which, in my opinion, is the main hit on the record, gives you a little rest. And, given that it was this track that was released as a single, the band apparently agrees with this opinion. The track slightly reminds of the style of Rob Zombie. I'm willing to bet that after the very first listening you will have the line “I believe, I believe, I believe in Satan” spinning in your head. 

At the same time, “Devs ex Satanas" does not lag behind the previous track in terms of its hit potential. Do you feel it: the concentration of “Satan” per square centimeter of a track increases with each song? That is why I have warned you that he could materialize when his “concentration” reaches a critical mass. But we are still somewhere in the middle of this process. What process? The answer is given by the next track – “Human Sacrifice”, blast beats and female vocals in the chorus of which suggest analogies with Symphonic Black Metal passages. And while the listener is not tired of all this mayhem, the track “This is Where the Magick Happens” literally breaks into your speakers like a horde of witches on broomsticks. Against the background of the previous track, the more measured and electronic “Beyond God” seems to be a kind of respite, although it is also far from being a ballad and the same blast beats are present in it in abundance. Nevertheless, the track “Beyond God” didn't stand out in my memory, but the next one – “Demon Made Flesh” – may well claim the title of the second, or, at worst, the third hit of the album. And the album ends with a pathetic, grotesque composition called “The Devil's Opera”. As a bonus, the band re-recorded another track called “Spiritual Anarchy” from their first album, and on its example, you can see how much more typically Finnish Techno-Industrial King Satan was if you have not been familiar with the material before. And there is also an "Outro" with a beatbox, but this is just a pure joke.

I won't lie by saying that “Occult Spiritual Anarchy” is one of the coolest and funniest Industrial Metal releases of this year that will definitely get into my top of 2022. Over 40 minutes of pure intoxication, mockery and humor, well-made, original and authentic at the same time. In terms of the sound, in addition to the same Finnish colleagues, King Satan reminded me of the French band called Herrschaft, only as if they had a more dancing music. During the pandemic, King Aleister matured, acquired dreadlocks and now it looks like Jonne from Korpiklaani from a distance, but at the same time he has become noticeably more professional and heavier. Thanks to the new album, I can say that I rediscovered King Satan for myself, and I wish you the same. I strongly recommend you to check it out and give it a solid 8 out of 10, even with a plus ;)

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