I have learned about Nebelhaus just recently. Probably a couple of months ago, after listening to their first demo with vocals called “Aderlass” (we will come back to their demos a bit later). And then this project became one of my favorites among the bands from the new generation of NDH. You might object to that by saying that Nebelhaus is another clone of Rammstein, here we go again and why should one be interested in this band? But I have something to object to that. To understand what Nebelhaus is and why it sounds like that, you need to understand how it all started.

And it all started with the fact that Tim Nightpain decided not only to make covers of Rammstein songs, replicating the original parts from start to finish, but to fantasize about what other tracks the band could record at one period of their career or another.

This way fake demo records of Rammstein started to emerge, and later the ones of Lindemann, but only without vocals. And not so long ago, Tim got a vocalist whose name is Kammerjaeger, who, in turn, also used to have a Youtube channel, where he covered, probably, all Rammstein material, including those songs that were not released by the band itself. Besides that, I consider his version of the song “Tier’94” performed together with the band called Felspropheten, better known to the fans of Rammstein as “Biest”, being simply the best “restoration” of this track, which original version is only available in a live version of disgusting quality. This is how two talented Rammstein fans joined forces, who decided to create a much more interesting fan project instead of creating another cover band. Besides that, first two demo tracks recorded with Kammerjaeger’s vocals were not only a musical reference to Rammstein, but were also set to the verses from Till’s collection called “Messer”. I especially liked this decision as a fan of Lindemann’s poetry. I don’t know much about copyright, and perhaps you need to somehow discuss this point if you want to use the verses of someone who did not die 300 years ago, but the first official single called “Lovedoll”, was released in ENG and already had its own original lyrics.

But first, let's take a look at the musical aspects of the band. The first thing to note is, of course, the quality of sound production that is done simply at the highest level for such a young project, which is not surprising, because the technical side was handled by Svante Forsbäck and Benjamin Schwenen. They both are talented producers and songwriters who have worked with a huge number of artists from different styles of music. Here are just a few names that are iconic for us: Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Lindemann, Tanzwut, Emigrate, Erdling, etc. As you understand, the sound simply could not be bad with such a powerful team. As for the music, the track called “Fish On” was obviously the reference to the above-mentioned track, the variation on which can be guessed almost from the first notes. But do not rush with accusations of plagiarism, as Nebelhaus is such kind of a music project. The guys love the work of Rammstein and Till, they honestly say about that and want to sound in the same vein. And unlike many other representatives of the NDH scene, who still use or used the practices of Rammstein in one way or another, Tim does it really well. The only thing I still have questions about in “Lovedoll” song is the lyrics that are too simple and banal and clean vocals. The guy’s sprechgesang is excellent, but he still needs to work on his singing voice. But, I hope, it`s just a matter of time. Now the band is searching for a label and funding, because this level of production obviously requires some investment. Therefore, I ask you to donate to the guys if you can and support them financially by buying their single and promoting them on streaming services.

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    July 30, 2021
    NDH / Industrial Metal
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