March, 2022Dawn Of Ashes ‒ "Scars Of The Broken"

We don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Americans' 10th album Dawn Of Ashes was one of the most anticipated releases in the genre this month. After each announcement of a new record from Kristof Bathory and the team, one has to wonder in which direction the project will move this time, because for more than 15 years of history, the style of Dawn of Ashes has ranged from Dark Electro to Symphonic Black Metal, and from aggrotech to industrial metal. On "Scars Of The Broken", the band plunges the listener into a dark, viscous mixture of dark electo and industrial metal. Even though there are, in fact, no bright hits here, the very dark, oppressive atmosphere of the horror film and the professional sound of the album will hardly leave fans of the electronic dark scene indifferent.

Dread Risks ‒ "Automated Disappointment"

Another interesting release on the American Industrial scene, which we would like to draw your attention to. The duo Dread Risks caught our attention with the release of the single "Obliteration Complex". The album did not take long to wait, and the bar set by the single, kept without much difficulty. On "Automated Disappointment" you will hear a cold, mechanical, distorted sound with a lot of noise, which can remind you of the Ice Ages, and pleasant vocals, which can be heard even behind numerous layers of filters, and, finally, a really high level of production, quite comparable to those or Dawn of Ashes. Although we still have almost no information about the band, we can unequivocally recommend the new Dread Risks album as one of the most interesting full-length releases in the genre this month.

Fleisch – "The Kite"

The British Industrial Metal project Fleisch has released a second full-length album, which, in our opinion, is definitely not to be missed. Fleisch's first full-length album was released in 2018 and was more like a first attempt at writing. For example, in the track "Fleischmann", "Miststuck" from Megaherz/Eisbrecher was clearly guessed, and this is just one example that first came to mind. But with the second album, "The Kite", the group took not a step, but a leap forward. It is much better than the debut album in every way. The new album is better produced, stronger melodically, but most importantly, it's original. This is no longer a knockoff for the German NDH scene, but a completely new sound, which has a significant influence from Sisters of Mercy and Joy Divison. At the same time, it is still modern Industrial Metal. At the present time, it is difficult to find something original in this genre, the more interesting are such finds as "The Kite".

Matt Hart – "Below the Terra, pt.1"

London-based Industrial DJ alias Matt Hart has released his second full-length album "Below the Terra, pt.1". And this is probably the most danceable release in our digest, provided that you find a place where Goth-Industrial parties are still held ... But, back to the release. On "Below the Terra, pt.1" you will find a powerful, pulsating beat, diluted in some places with a guitar sound, distorted vocals in the best traditions of X-Fusion, and the energy of the dance floor. You will not hear anything revolutionary on "Below the Terra, pt.1", but you are guaranteed to get a charge of drive.

Silberschauer ‒ Liebe ist...

The only German-language album in our digest, but where would NDH FM Radio be without NDH! The Berlin team Silberschauer is, of course, far from the first echelon, but quite a strong project comparable to the same Scherbentanz, whose review of the new album we recently published on the site. And if “Liebe ist…” is inferior to “Halbes Herz” melodically, the vocals of frontman Silberschauer seem more interesting. In any case, fans of the genre should definitely listen to this album, and we will definitely take something from it into rotation.

Rammstein - "Zeit"

An unexpected and pleasant surprise, as they say. The information that Rammstein is preparing to release a new album this year has been leaked to the circles of fans for quite some time, but, as is often the case with Rammstein, the announcement of the single and video turned out to be quite an unexpected event. Another interesting observation is that "Zeit" was the first Rammstein ballad to be released as the first single. Musically, the composition does not offer us any new moves or original ideas, but lyrically, the thing is very strong, and, of course, it is worth talking about masterful performance and emotional involvement.

Guido Dossche - "Regenmann"

Fans of the German Industrial scene are well aware of the album Dossche - "Existenz", released in the early 00s. Since then, Dossche has changed quite a lot, but a talented person, as they say, is talented in everything, and pop music from Guido Dossche deserves no less attention, especially with such stunning melody and intelligent lyrics.

Heldmaschine ‒ "Wozu sind Kriege da"

For obvious reasons, the number of anti-war songs in March increased many times over, everyone had something to say. Not all statements are interesting to us, but Heldmaschine in a duet with Unzucht released quite a good cover of Udo Lindenberg. True, stylistically something similar to classic Deutsch Rock came out, rather than to those genres in which Heldmaschine and Unzucht themselves work directly.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – "Euer Gott ist der Tot"

"Horsemen of the Apocalypse" is too powerful force on the German stage to bypass them just because they do not quite fit our format. In addition, the single "Euer Gott ist der Tot" turned out to be the heaviest among the 3 released tracks of the future album. We consider DAR one of the main bands in German-speaking metal and we will definitely tell you more about the upcoming "Wilde Kinder" album.

Auger - "Holding on" (feat. Chris Harms)

Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) is tireless. He continues to participate wherever he can and sometimes (as in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest) it seems that even where he cannot. This time Chris participated in the recording of a song by the British Industrial Rock band Auger. It turned out driving, high-quality, melodious, however, almost like everywhere where Harms participates.


Another single from one of the most promising German electro-industrial projects. Very tight, powerful sound enriched with uranium… no, electric guitars, which is also good. The project found its sound literally from the first release and continues to develop in this vector.

Karsten Sang – "Tanz mit mir 2.0"

Karsten, recently unknown under the name Mauerschlag, continues to re-record old tracks. This does not make him more famous, but, admittedly, the material still sounds fresher than the original Mauerschlag tracks.



Biopsyhoz - "Tell me your name"

We can say that the veterans of the Russian Industrial/Cyber ​​Metal scene presented a new single. And although Biopsyhoz has always been one of those bands that sound better live than on the record, this time the studio version looks pretty nice, and the "dirt" characteristic of all the band's recordings can already be attributed to "trademark".

Kuhlmann - "Kein Krieg/No War"

And one more anti-war statement from Walter Kuhlmann. But we consider it one of the most successful statements on this subject. Moreover, it is worth noting both the instrumental part of the song and the vocal part. In addition, compositionally "Kein Krieg" looks stronger than many things from the previous Kuhlmann album. So here is a fat plus and a recommendation from our editors.

Automaton- "Trespasser"

American Industrial Metal in the spirit of Fear Factory, only slightly heavier and more synthetic. Not the most interesting novelty, but it is quite possible to dilute the playlist with this track.