April, 2022

Auger - "Nighthawks"

Imagine Depeche Mode getting into Synthwave and David Gunn listening to classic British Gothic Rock. That's about the impression left by the new work of the London duo Auger. Very atmospheric album, stylish, original with great vocals. It is also worth noting interesting arrangements, which organically combine Industrial, Gothic Rock and Synthwave, and pleasant melodic lines, some of which remain in the head after the first listening. By the way, Chris Harms (Lord of The Lost) took part in one of the songs, we already wrote about it in the last digest.

Death Loves Veronica - "Corruption For The Insidious"

The fourth album of Veronica Campbell, as usual, came out rather cold and gloomy. But, it is worth noting that with each release Death Loves Veronica improves the sound, arrangements and songwriting in general. And the new album is a vivid confirmation of this. Stylistically, the work can be attributed to Darkwave / Post Industrial, but the main thing, of course, is not the genres, atmosphere and images that the music evokes. The album features Tim Skold (Skold) and Bari-Bari (Mephisto Walz) as guests.

Hocico - "HyperViolent"

Mexican duo Hocico turns 30 next year. The zenith of the band's fame is behind us, but the guys continue to delight fans with new releases. There are no revelations on the new "HyperViolent" album, it's still the same viscous mid-tempo Dark Electro with distorted vocals that we've gotten used to for so many years, but there are still some interesting experiments on it. For example, a cover of Ministry or "Crown of Knives", which is completely overloaded with guitar sound, which could even get into Rabia Sorda (a side project of Erk Aicrag, the band's vocalist), or "Weapon of Resistance", performed together with Aaron Matts, vocalist of the deathcore band ten56. In general, Hocico has something to surprise and please old fans.

Skold – "Dead God"

A very interesting release. According to legend, the songs that can be heard on "Dead God" were intended for Skold's second solo album, as well as for video games and other projects, but never officially saw the light of day. Although some of them leaked online in 2002 as an unofficial "Dead God" EP. And now, 20 years later, Tim, apparently, collected drafts, combed the mix and released a full-length "Dead God" album. This release is a real gift for fans and a nice bonus for all lovers of Skold's creativity and the Industrial Rock scene in general.

Fusspils 11 – "Halbweg verpeilt"

Gerrit Thomas cannot sit idle for long. While Chris L left Funker Vogt, Gerrit continued to work on his other projects. A little earlier, the impressive album Eisfabrik was released, and now Gerrit has revived Fusspils 11, his project of the late 90s-mid 00s. This time Fusspils 11 is back with an album of covers recorded by Gerrit with his friends and colleagues from other electronic projects. The album includes 15 tracks, including interpretations of songs by Rammstein, Knorkator, Kraftwerk, And One, etc.

Maerzfeld - "Lange nicht"

The second single Maerzfeld makes it clear that the band seems to have completely moved away from the concept of NDH sound towards Alternative Rock. It is difficult to call the track itself some kind of big hit, but it is quite pleasant to the ear.

Guido Dossche - "Konig von Nichts"

Guido Dossche's second single from the forthcoming album. If "Regenmann" was a completely acoustic work, then "König von Nichts" seems to better reflect the sound of the future record and once again presents Guido as a talented melodist and intelligent author.

Suicide Commando – "Bang Bang Bang"

The new EP by Johan Van Roy, a leading figure in the European Dark Electro/EBM scene. The Suicide Commando project has existed for over 35 years and continues to produce consistently high-quality, albeit rather monotonous material. "Bang Bang Bang" - a typical Van Roy club banger.

Centhron - "Ajna Chakra"

Another Dark Electro/EBM project that is not particularly diverse, but has earned some popularity on the German dark scene. Again, the single is nothing special, the same assertive, aggressive sound with fairly simple structures.


Manntra - Tanz

In recent years, the Croatian band Manntra have become very close to the German scene, recording joint tracks with Tanzwut and In Extremo, dubbing the band's news and messages in social networks into German, etc. And now a third of the new album has German-language song titles. But, judging by the "Tanz" single, the band is in no hurry to switch to German in the lyrics, since "Tanz" remains the only word in German, the rest of the lyrics are performed in ENG, like most of the band's material in recent years. But Manntra are so good that they sound powerful in any language, so in any case, we are waiting for one of the one of the strongest works of the year on the Industrial/Folk Metal scene. The singles don't let you doubt it yet.

ssSHhh - "The Balls of the Underdog"

Industrial Metal project of a member of the Finnish band Ensiferum, which we wrote about earlier. Unfortunately, "The Balls of the Underdog" does not leave a bright impression, but in general, it is still an interesting experiment, and we continue to wait for the full-length album of the project.

The Silverblack – "Nocturne"

Italian Modern/Industrial Metal project The Silverblack presented a new single "Nocturne". The language does not dare to call the song Industrial, let alone metal, but the modern synth sound is still present. I wonder how this track reflects the modern vector of the band's development, it's worth waiting for new singles or a full-length work.

Sang – "Stigmata" (feat. Tim Nightpain)

Karsten Sang (ex-Mauerschlag) has recorded a new track with Tim Rebmann (Nebelhaus/Nachtmann). Quite predictably, the classic NDH came out. There are no complaints about the instrumental part, Tim knows his business and consistently produces very high-quality things, no matter who he works with, but Karsten's singing, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired, as well as the level of the track's mastering.

Crematory - "Break down the Walls"

Crematory got tired of being in a permanent search for a vocalist, and Felix himself finally took over the clean parts. And personally, I was surprised how, with such a juicy, bright, staged growl, you can have such a weak and faceless clean vocal. In general, recent Crematory singles raise some concerns about the forthcoming album. But time will tell.

Zwei1Händer – "Weit und nah"

A new project from Peru continues to delight with really high-quality and interesting material. We talked about the debut EP of the young duet in one of the previous digests and continue to watch the band with interest.