May, 2022

Aesthetic Perfection – "MMXXI"

In 2021, Daniel Graves decided to launch a project where he released one song each month. Then it was planned to release all 12 songs as an album. Since the end of last year, only 5 months have passed, which Daniel apparently spent searching for the source of each track. Nevertheless the album called "2021" was released in May 2022, but it did not get worse. Surely, not everyone followed Daniel's activities last year, so now the listeners have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the material in its entirety. Moreover, the material came out very worthy, quite diverse, and, in general, the "MMXXI" album can be considered one of the best in Aesthetic Perfection's discography.

Sanz – "Let us die"

Sandro Geissler, former vocalist of the metalcore band Groovenom, announced a solo project after the announcement of the end of the band. Quite unexpectedly, Sanz moved as far away from the Groovenom sound as possible with a melancholy synth pop album in the vein of OUL. The work came out interesting, atmospheric and certainly worthy of attention.

Skren – "Chaos"

The second album was released by one of the most promising bands on the modern Industrial scene Skren. Despite interesting experiments, high-quality sound and an attempt to move away from the usual structures for the genre, we consider "Chaos" a less successful work in comparison with the debut album. The band released the brightest things as singles and, oddly enough, they go towards the end on the album. It seems that the singles are given the place of bonus tracks, and the album is not about that at all. And, apparently, in such a theory there is some truth. The main material is really different from what we could hear in «Staub» or «Chaos». However, it is still a strong and notable work in the German Electronic scene.

ZWE1HÄNDER - "SchwarzWeiß vol.2"

What exactly is an EP and what can be called an album in this Peruvian project is not always clear, but the fact that this is one of the discoveries of the year is an undeniable fact. We have already mentioned the singles and EP of this duet in the previous digests. And the band members are still holding the bar, releasing no less powerful material and even evolving in their sound. Despite the rather exotic country of origin, the guys play a very straightforward and clear German-style Industrial / EBM in the German language. True, given the pronunciation of the vocalist, there is an assumption that he is german, but this does not change anything.

Haedzor - "Dämmerstunde"

The German EBM project Haedzor has released a new album "Dämmerstunde", which, however, does not contain a single track in German. And in general, the material sounds softer than the previous work, released in 2018. But "Dämmerstunde" can still attract the attention of fans of the genre due to its high-quality and very conservative sound. If the soul asks for the good old EBM, without unnecessary impurities and newfangled effects, then Haedzor is ready to offer what is needed. In some places the album starts to pull towards synth pop, in some places towards minimalistic anhalt, but after listening, the impression of a smooth, good EBM record remains.

Combichrist - "Modern Demon"

Already from the first seconds of the bass part of "Modern Demon" it becomes clear who is the boss here. Andy LaPlega once again produced a cool track absolutely outside the stereotypes of the genre. Here are beats that have been loved by the general public since «Making Monsters», and rock’n’roll guitars, a mixture of clean and distorted vocals. In general, everything that we love Combichrist for is in "Modern Demons". And even though this is far from Andy's hit song, it was enough for us to wait for the album with even more attention.

Hemesath – "Heile Segen"

A new single after almost 7 years of silence has been released by Hemesath, a band founded by vocalist and actor Christopher Zumbült. The band is playing, according to their words, "hard rock with German lyrics." It's actually a mix of NDH/Gothic/Deutschrock. The single came out quite decent, so we are waiting for the continuation.

Snakeskin – "No more war"

As part of his side project, Tilo Wolf (Lacrimosa), like many others, also decided to say his “no war”. But, unlike many, he came out with a really beautiful song, even a symphony, essentially devoid of any political overtones, and that's great.

Versus Goliath - "Distanz"

These guys, who became famous in their time thanks to the remix of the track Eisbrecher - "FAKK", continue to develop in their unique sound. Versus Goliath is a mixture of alternative, rap and noise rock. The mix, of course, is not for everyone, but you have to pay tribute, the guys are unique in their own way and the new single fits perfectly into the concept of the band.

B.O.S.C.H. - "Laut"

Perhaps the most powerful Industrial Metal single of the month was released by B.O.S.C.H. We are looking forward to the full-length work with interest and will definitely write a review on it.

Sang – "Ego"

Another track that Karsten Sang recorded with Tim Nightpain (Nebelhaus/Nachtmann). This time it came out much better, on the one hand, thanks to professional mastering, on the other hand, the fact that Karsten practically did not try to sing, and in those parts where attempts are heard, the effects mask the technical roughness quite well. As a result, a quite worthy NDH came out. Moreover, perhaps this is the best track recorded by Sang.

Nachtmann - "Orient"

And again the work of Tim Nightpain (Nebelhaus), but now in collaboration with Walter Kuhlmann (Kuhlmann). This time the musicians decided to play with the oriental theme, which is clearly hinted at by the title of the single. The sound of Nachtmann is different from what Tim and Walter do in their bands. This is more a field for experiments and in this respect the material is really interesting.


Black Light Discipline – "Hollow Hope"

Finnish band Black Light Discipline, plays Modern/Industrial Metal, and somehow miraculously not like Turmion Kätilöt, released a new single. The song is 100% in the style of the band, so if you were not familiar with the guys, there is a good opportunity, and if you liked the previous work, then this track will not be an exception.

Dampf – "Who am I"

Martin Eriksson, better known as E-Type, decided to return to his metal roots and announced the release of the album of his new Industrial Metal project Dampf. The first single reminds us of the same Eurodance in a "slightly" different arrangement, but in any case, Martin's project is very interesting to us. Members of Sabaton and Amon Amarth are mentioned as guests on the album.

Seelennacht - "Cursed"

Synth Gothic project Seelennacht returned with the single "Cursed" after a long silence. And, judging by what we hear here, nothing has changed during the absence. Seelennacht is still similar to Blutengel with Unheilig-like vocals. This, of course, is not so bad, but if "Cursed" is the main hit of the upcoming record, then it's already worth thinking about.


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