Summer Digest, 2022

Centhron – "Fylgja"

This project has always been too simple and straightforward as a battering ram. In this regard, Centhron has remained true to itself. The same beats, the same distorted screams... In general, an illustration of the expression "constancy is a sign of mastery." Of course, this is ridiculous and out of date, but for nostalgia for the sound of the mid-00s, the album is quite suitable. In addition, it is worth recognizing that the project is recognizable and loved by many Dark Electro fans, perhaps precisely because at least something in this world must be stable.

System Noire - "Zeitgeist"

A young German project, working in the same genre as Centhron, but, in our opinion, more interesting one. The guys work in the same genre clichés and canons, but they try to somehow diversify the material, which makes the record not sound as monotonous as Centhron's. In addition, the album was recorded in ENG and German in approximately equal proportions, which also plays into the hands of this work..

The Silverblack - "Judgment"

An Italian Modern/Industrial Metal band that was expected to continue the traditions of Deathstars, but ended up with some kind of imitation of Rave the Reqviem… And if you like what the Swedes do, then the new The Silverblack album is certainly worth listening to. Objectively, this is a fairly high-quality and professional Modern/Industrial Metal work with good production and strong vocals. Even if it lacks originality, because every now and then associations arise with something heard before, but The Silverblack will definitely find their listener. Who knows, you might be one of them.

Dampf – "The Arrival"

If I were to write a review of this album (and I wanted to), I would title it: "Grey in the beard - demon in the rib." Martin Eriksson, well known for the Eurodance project E-Type, which thundered in the 90s, gathered a team of hairy Swedish metal guys around him and started playing something close to Industrial Metal with Power Metal elements. The experiment was a success, and Martin was supported in this undertaking by members of Sabaton and Amon Amarth. In addition to the fact that, in principle, to see the E-Type in such a role is at least unusual, everything is also done very original and interesting. Each track has its own face, its own memorable theme and atmosphere, while everything together sounds organic. "The Arrival" can be called the album of the month and the most unexpected debut of this year.

Drownd – "[An]aesthetic"

Industrial Metal-project, behind which stands London musician Joe Crudgington, after the powerful single «Sinner» released the second full-length album. According to Joe, he was inspired by the Industrial scene of the 90s, and its influence can be clearly seen in the new work. From time to time there are associations with the characteristic sound of Nine Inch Nails, but Joe is not trying to copy, rather "[An]easthetic" is a modern vision of the trends that laid the foundation for the American Industrial Rock/Metal scene. The album sounds very high quality, solid, atmospheric and not devoid of hit songs, the most notable of which is still «Sinner». We recommend the album, especially if you are not indifferent to Nine Inch Nails, 3TEETH, etc.

Lacrimas Profundere - "How to Shroud Yourself with Night"

The album is a bit different from the format of our radio station, but we simply cannot fail to note it. Lacrimas Profundere were formed in Germany almost 30 years ago and during this time they have undergone many metamorphoses, and almost 3 dozen musicians have played as part of the band over the years, but regardless of the current line-up and style (Doom Metal/Gothic Metal), Lacrimas Profundere have consistently given out quality material. The new work "How to Shroud Yourself with Night" is no exception. Starting with the previous album, "Bleeding the Stars", released in 2019, the band decided to return to their roots and slightly heavier sound. Along with clean vocals, the guys began to use extreme voice more and more, which, in our opinion, only benefited the material. "Bleeding the Stars" was the first album for the band's new vocalist Julian Larre, he showed himself well on it, and on "How to Shroud Yourself with Night" he revealed even more.

Manntra - "Kreatura"

Croatian Folk/Industrial Metal band Manntra released their sixth album "Kreatura". And if the previous work, "Monster Mind Consuming", felt a rather strong influence of NDH, then "Kreatura" is strongly influenced specifically by In Extremo. Actually, the guys worked closely with Michael Rhein (Das Letzte Einhorn), whose vocals can be heard in almost every track with a German title. And the final song "So ist das Leben" is indistinguishable from InEx ballads. Perhaps the originality of the band is somewhat beaten by the transition from Croatian to ENG/German, and the increasing focus on the German scene, but on the other hand, the desire to experiment and each time look for a slightly different sound seems to be a completely reasonable and creatively justified decision. As expected, the album is successful with a lot of bright, hit songs and a high professional level in all aspects.

Prager Handgriff – "Das Letzte Gefecht"

After 7 years, a new album was released by the German EBM duo Prager Handgriff, whose history is already in its 40s. But these men in their prime have always been fairly minimalist and shunned newfangled frills. Therefore, as in previous years, "Das Letzte Gefecht" features a straightforward analogue sound with German-language lyrics and Stefan Schaefer's deep baritone. Today, such releases are especially enjoyable with their nostalgic vibe.

Psyclon Nine – "Less to Heaven"

Nero has recently featured quite original work with Tim Skold (Skold), and now presents another album of his main brainchild Psyclon Nine. We have already heard the single “Money and Sex and Death”, which, as it turned out, gave quite the right idea of ​​the record as a whole. The album came out quite heavy for perception because of its experiments with the construction of compositions, broken rhythms, breaks and viscous gloomy atmosphere. But thanks to these the album is curious. "Less to Heaven" is like Dawn of Ashes being more minimalistic and experimental. In any case, decide whether it's yours or not, it's worth it.

Suicide Commando - "Goddestruktor"

Sometimes it’s hard to call the “veterans of the scene” bands formed in the early 00s, because there is Van Roy, who launched the Suicide Commando assembly line back in the mid-80s! And only for this creative longevity the project is already worthy of respect. Despite the fact that the Suicide Commando material is rather monotonous, Johan feels great in it and, to the delight of the fans, consistently releases new releases, albeit not different from the old ones. So the new album is no different, the work from the series “thank you for being alive”, but the remarkable style is in place, which means, why not dilute the playlist with the good old Suicide Commando. Among the obligatory pack of remixes that accompanies any work by Van Roy, we would like to note the remix of the Moscow project Elektro Terapi, which thus quite worthily declared itself on the European stage, and a nice checkmark in the resume would not be superfluous.

Vanguard – "Spectrum"

The German Synth Pop/EBM duo Vanguard pleased fans of the genre with an excellent album. It is worth noting the organic combination of retro synths and typical synth pop melodies and modern dance EBM beats. This time, the Hanoverians have released, perhaps, their best album. There is practically nothing to complain about in it. One can talk about the originality or hitness of the material, but it is impossible to deny that this is a very strong and high-quality work, which will definitely become one of the best in the genre this year.

Versus Goliath – "Liebe & Chaos"

At one time, Eisbrecher attracted attention to this band, inviting the guys to make a remix for the "FAKK" single. Since then we've been following Versus Goliath, although the band is, of course, more of an alternative scene than an Industrial one. And if on the early releases the guys worked with near-Industrial Noise Rock sound, then the full-length album was clearly decided to be put on a more commercial footing. The band is still original and interesting due to the combination of recitative with powerful electronic backing and slightly chaotic guitar parts, but "Liebe & Chaos" doesn't sound as chaotic as one would like at times.

Twins in Fear – "Nothing but a Dream"

Unfortunately, we missed the debut of the Ukrainian-Swiss duo Maria and Lena in 2019, but this summer we got acquainted with the second work "Nothing but a Dream" and do not regret it at all. The girls perform quite interesting material in ENG and German. The closest analogue and reference is the German project Grausame Tochter, only Twins in Fear is much less vulgar. Musically, it's a complete mess, with Electropop alternating with overdriven guitars, Darkwave and Synthgoth, all sounding surprisingly organic. If the "twins" passed by you, then feel free to listen to both records, you will not regret it. And on my own behalf, I want to note that "Nothing but a Dream" has a "Paulinchen" track, written to a rhyme from a famous children's collection. Based on the same rhyme, Rammstein wrote their "Hilf mir"!

Noisecide - "Genesis"

The Paraguayan project is of quite European quality. "Genesis" is Industrial/Cyber ​​Metal with Dupstep/Breakbit elements that fit perfectly into the material, and don't sound like some kind of anachronism. It is worth noting the pleasant vocals and, in general, a very decent recording quality for a young project. Another interesting find of this summer, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with.

Amnistia – "We All Bleed Red"

These guys need no introduction for fans of the EBM/Industrial scene. Appearing in the mid-00s, Amnistia immediately established themselves as professionals of the highest standard. And now, after more than 15 years, the Germans continue to hold the bar. Yes, we haven't heard big hits from the band for a long time (and have we heard at all?), but the rich, deep sound with subtle attention to detail and Tino Claus' recognizable vocals still do their job. The actual work of the German duet is not so outstanding, but it is definitely able to brighten up the time and settle in the playlist of most fans of the genre.

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