(01.01.22 - 25.01.22)

Dance with the Dead – "Driven to madness"

The 5-th album by the synthwave and now synth rock duo from California. The dead still dance exclusively to instrumental music, but now also with some guitars. The new sound definitely refreshed the band's already recognizable style. And the distorted guitars did not spoil the unique atmosphere of the 80s, created by the band. The synthwave-flagships have shown once again that they don’t intend to lower the bar.

Blutenasche – "Asche der Zeit (Best of)"

Blütenasche is a German synth-goth duo that does not have a rich discography. So it was surprising to see the "Best of". The compilation "Asche der Zeit" can be considered almost an anthology of the project's work, as well as a great opportunity to get acquainted with this project. Of course, it would be fair to call Blütenasche an absolutely underground band, about which very few people know, but perhaps this compilation can correct the situation, because the project really deserves attention.

La Magra – "In the dead of night"

Another synth-gothic project, which has managed to gain some fame over more than 15 years of history. The band's sixth album came out very worthy, though, in my opinion, a little long. However, La Magra still takes you back to the days of WGT and Amphi - once the biggest goth festivals, where many characters from the audience looked more interesting than the performing artists ... So, if you also want to feel nostalgia for the goth youth, then "In the dead of night" is your choice.

Dymytry – "Revolt"

Czech Modern Metal, which for some reason is stubbornly attributed to Industrial. "Revolt" is the band's seventh full-length album and it's... the ENG version of "Revolter", the 6th full-length album. Yes, most of Dymytry material is performed in Czech, but it seems to me that after this record the band will start releasing ENG records more often. I think that specifically in the case of this band and their style, ENG-language lyrics seem more appropriate. On the album, by the way, there is a feat with the legendary guitarist of Rage (and many other projects) Viktor Smolsky, which I would call one of the best on "Revolt".

Van Roy Asylum – "Pantheon"

A young but rather ambitious Russian dark electro project. Moreover, the guys do not limit themselves to the framework of style, using a fairly wide genre palette. On "Pantheon" you can hear classic dark electro tracks, as well as experiments with alternative sound, recitative and guitar sound. Due to such stylistic dispersion, the album cannot be reproached for monotony, so there is a good chance that everyone will find something different on it.

Blitz Union – "Plastic (Gernan Version)"

These Czech guys were one of the main discoveries for me on the industrial rock scene last year. The ENG-language original of the song "Plastic" opened their debut album, in addition, Blitz Union released a Russian-language version of this track. And now, apparently, having made a bet on "Plastic" as the main hit, they also recorded a German version. Time will tell whether the multilingual path of "plasticity" will end there, but for now we listen to Blitz Union in German!


Exfeind – "Nachthimmel"

Already the second single from the German industrial rock project Exfeind, released ahead of the second full-length album "Äonen", which is scheduled for release on 25.02. I really like the way Exfeind decided to move. If on the first album there was a strong influence of German colleagues, in particular Eisbrecher, then on the new singles I clearly catch parallels with Celldweller. And this is quite an interesting reference for a German artist. If the singles are not misleading and the whole record is in the same vein, then I look forward to one of the most interesting albums in the industrial rock scene this year.

Nachtmann – "Der Kapitan II"

The first (actually the second) single of the new collaboration between Tim Rebmann (Nebelhaus) and Walter Kuhlmann (Kuhlmann). As usual, Tim was responsible for the instrumental part, and Walter was responsible for the “vocals”. “Vocal” stays In quotation marks, because Kuhlmann reads an audiobook in his usual manner, and does not even attempt to sing. The thing is that Walter's timbre is pleasant to listen to even in this format, but the chorus definitely lacks some kind of singing... Maybe the ice will break and one day we will hear Kuhlmann singing.

AngstSystem – "Dunkle Geister"

The German dark electro project AngstSystem has been promising fans an album or EP for a long time, but so far it releases singles with long breaks (about a year). Perhaps another 5 years and we will be able to compose all the released material into an album ourselves ... I have never been a fan of the band, but I really liked "Dunkle Geister", so far this is one of the best things released in the genre this year, but still I would like to wish AngstSystem some productivity.

Skren – "Staub"

A German industrial project that I found out about just a couple of weeks ago after the release of the single "Staub". It was this single that made me become more familiar with the project, and as it turned out, Skren released really powerful full-length album "Grell", which I highly recommend to all fans of dark electronics.

Dawn of Ashes – "EMDR"

In anticipation of the release of the new album "Scars of the Broken", the cult American dark electro/industrial metal band Dawn of Ashes released the single "EMDR". In the case of DoA, you never know exactly which direction the band will take on the next release, so the singles are especially interesting because they make it clear the vector of new material. According to "EMDR", we can say that we are waiting for a more "canonical" Dawn of Ashes, that is, more focused specifically on dark electro sound than on a guitar sound. In any case, we are waiting for March 18 to fully evaluate the new work.

Maerzfeld – "100 auf 0"

Under the brand name Maerzfeld, as many probably know, members of Stahlzeit, the Rammstein cover band, release their own material. But what I like Maerzfeld more and more for is the fact that with each release the band goes further and further away from the "original source". And now we can hear quite pleasant alt rock performed by Maerzfeld. I am always for experiments, especially if they are successful, so the guys are doing well so far. Let's wait for a full-length album, but it seems to me that it will be very difficult to surpass the previous album "Zorn".

Hämatom – "Legenden"

The restless Hämatom released 2 full lengths-albums last year. And so, the gunpowder from the New Year's fireworks did not have time to settle, as the men rolled out a new single. There is nothing outstanding about it, but Hämatom churns out quality stuff and "Legenden" is no exception.

Scherbentanz - "Der dunkle Weg"

The band's second single after the change of vocalist. I must admit that it was very difficult for me to listen to this band with the old one, now it's more pleasant. The band certainly has something to strive for, and their own sound has yet to be found, because at this stage Scherbentanz sounds rather trivial, but one step in the right direction has already been taken. Next I see finding a good producer... (I'm referring to Chris Harms..).

 Kraftstoff - "Stille"

The new single of the Russian NDH-band Kraftstoff. The most interesting thing is that it is a Russian NDH. I can note that the band, in my opinion, is progressing from one song to another, which gives hope for the strong material in the future.

Irgend Jemand, NDH FM