(25.01.22 - 25.02.22)

Pronther – "Lasst uns frei sein"

After a long break, the old bikers from Pronther burst into the NDH scene. In the first song of the album, the uncles declare “Wir waren nie weg” (we didn’t go anywhere), and, of course, the band lived in the hearts of a narrow circle of fans. However, we haven't heard any new material for a long time. I am also a long time fan of the band and "3kvH" album in particular, and I consider it a true gem of the genre, so I was especially interested to hear what the band had prepared this time. And they prepared quite a strong album with a slightly damp, but lively, professional sound, quite original and driving. Unfortunately, the album came out much less hit than previous releases. However, I believe that Lasst uns frei sein will remain one of the most notable albums in the genre this year and a must listen for anyone who is tired of the trivial new wave NDH.

Czarina – "Arcana"

Spanish electronic project Czarina released their second full-length album. It combines Pop music, darkwave, folk/ethereal and other genres very organically. The album sounds stylish, unusual and harmonious.

Zwe1Händer – "Schwarzweiß vol.1"

New EBM project from Peru with german lyrics. Despite the geographical location, the newly minted duo has a very European sound, and the material is quite worthy for fans of the genre to get acquainted with.

Jessi Frey – "Warrior"

Jessie Frey, vocalist of the Finnish band Velcra, has released a solo album, "Warrior". The sound of the record is close to futuristic Industrial Rock with an electronic basis. Also on the album you can find a cover of "Bloodsport" (originaly performed by  KMFDM), performed together with MC Raaka Pee from Turmion Kätilöt.

Deathline International – "Pax Americana"

The American industrial rock underground also did not stand aside. In February, a new album was released by Deathline International, a band that started its career in the early 90s, but disappeared from the radar for a long time. "Pax Americana" combines both completely new tracks and the band's singles recorded over the past years, which have not yet been included in any album.

Samsas Traum – "Wo die Seelen sterben"

Alex Kaschte, who has been actively involved in the production of comics for his publishing house Insektenhaus, has pleased us with a new song. As a longtime ST fan, I really enjoyed the familiar Samsas Traum sound aesthetically. In general, the single is very conservative for ST, given Kaschte's craving for constant experimentation. But, perhaps, after such albums as "Poesie" or "Das vergessene Album", Kaschte decided to return the listener to the "safe haven" of the usual sound ... Whatever the author was guided by when writing this song, everything turned out perfectly.

Gottwut – "Eye of Glass"

After a long break and some lineup changes, the Moscow Industrial Metal band Gottwut presented a new single, and an updated sound as well. I can’t say that I like it more than the old one, rather the opposite, but the material continues to be of high quality and promising, in my opinion.

Extramensch – "Amerika/Der Lugner"

Extramensch have have already presented us several songs, each of them is interesting and original in its own way. The band is not locked into the NDH new wave templates, but is looking for its own unique sound and it seems that it succeeds.

Ruoska – "Kade"

Finns Ruoska made another unexpected comeback after more than 10 years of creative break. Old fans of the band will probably be glad that during this time Ruoska's sound hasn't changed at all. Personally, I would still like to hear at least some changes, but, as we say, "thanks for being alive".

Kiberspassk – "Koza Rogataia"

Electronic alter-ego of musicians from the Russian pagan folk project Nytt Land. And this time the guys went to Industrial Rock with the same Slavic motives. No wonder they say that talented people are talented in everything. As good as Nytt Land is in its niche, Kiberspassk is just as good, and even more interesting and original.

Vahinkolapsi – "Painajainen"

I can't say much about the band, I only know that this is another comeback, probably caused by the idleness of the musicians in pandemic times. There should be a joke about how "nature has been cleansed." Coming back to the song, it's a very high quality Finnish Industrial Metal that reminded me of a slightly slowed down version of Turmion Kätilöt.

Sundenrausch – "Original Sin"

A very interesting single that marks a kind of new stage in the history of the band. The fact is that this is the first single from the upcoming album, produced by Chris Harms. And the track was performed together with Chris Pohl .. Perhaps the guys just mixed up and took the wrong Chris... But still it turned out very nice. I won’t even talk about the sound, Chris Harms is already a quality mark in itself.

Health – "Cold Blood"

Americans continue to collaborate with a wide variety of musicians from various genres. And now they recorded the track together with Lamb of God. Quite an interesting experiment, although not the best among the latest singles of the project.

Nachtmann – "Hypermorph"

Tim Rebmann and Walter Kuhlmann released another single of the Nachtmann project. Walter, as usual, does not sing, but recites the text very charismatically, but the songwriting looks more experimental. Surely not everyone will like it, I also had mixed emotions when listening, but, in general, the desire to experiment and pushing the boundaries of genre clichés is certainly commendable.

Orange Sector – "Join the Nation"

Old school EBM as it is. I don't know what to add. Orange Sector in this regard is simply a measure of the genre.




Irgend Jemand, NDH FM